Beware the dinosaur

Beware the dinosaur

Beware the dinosaur

How to tacle a problem?

We all have them
Don’t we?

And the way we ‘handle’ IT
Is a process that applies
To all kind of problems

First we are emotional
Then irritated or frustrated
Not rational at all

The dynosaur in us

No matter what
Or where
Or when



Beware the dinosaur

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Just scribbling about life. Poetry and the wonder of word and language. An allegory says more than long explanations. It sinks and sinks and sinks. And one day... it comes back to the surface!

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2 Thoughts to “Beware the dinosaur”

  1. Tam

    I love this site! The organic nature of it…I feel like I am wandering around in someone else’s mind. And the most refreshing thing about it is the commonality.

    And the thoughts…beware the dinosaur…so much truth so simply put. I am having a stressful time at work right now and being reminded not to growl about it…it was the right message at the right time.

    I also love the images and they way it is laid out. Really beautiful.

    Thank you!

    1. Mlaure

      You touched my heart Tam! 

      So lovely to tell me how you feel about my scribblings… and to read they helped you in a simple effective way… yes the dinosaur, hiding behind the curtains…we all have to fight him, from time to time… and he pups up when we are tired and frustrated….


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