Eternal movements of the universe

eternal movements of the universe

Eternal movements of the universe

A breath in
A breath out
An eternal coming and going…

Have trust in me
I shall come back!

The dance of the planets
The return of the sun!

eternal movements of the universe
eternal movements of the universe

in humble hommage of Steve Hawkins

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Just scribbling about life. Poetry and the wonder of word and language. An allegory says more than long explanations. It sinks and sinks and sinks. And one day... it comes back to the surface!

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2 Thoughts to “Eternal movements of the universe”

  1. Jeff

    Do you think that karma is included in the eternal movements of the Universe?
    What other moods and attributes are contributed to this flow and can we improve our mental Attitudes by locking into them?
    I think if people were to be more self-conscious that we are surrounded by a magnificent Universe the World would be a better place. After all, we are just a huge Rock floating around in Space.

    1. Mlaure

      Hi Jeff, this is a most interesting question. 

      If we agree that consequences of both good and evil can not be undone, they are both eternal indeed (hell and heaven)

      It also sheds new light on forgiving and salvation, two key concepts of our western culture and faith. If I forgive the one who did evil to me it is undone. And if one shows contrition, there is a conversion, complete return. 

      And yes, it is about time we come back to the eternal laws of nature, respect them and work with them. As did ancient cultures. If we do not, nature will turn agains us.

      If rocks could speak, They would sing… the eternal song of the uni verse

      Thank you!


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