My story



Happy skies
Happy skies


Welcome to my site!

A site out of the box, out of the road


Darkening and Clouds
Darkening and Clouds

My story

My journey on the internet begins with a car accident.
A drunken driver bumping into me and scattering my life.
It gave me new opportunities to learn IT.
And the pc and internet became my new windows on the world.

Unfortunately I had two more accidents with more drunken or drugged drivers bumping into me.

Since then I have been trying to glue the pieces of my life together. Which was very painful and exhausting because of revalidations, insurance companies and most of all the fact that I was injuried 3 times.

No longer good in phrasing. Just sharing the essence…

How can I help and inspire you?

Being creative I soon noticed it numbed my pain and this site is a reflection of that. Stories, paintings, pictures, quotes and poems inviting you to think and laugh again.

I excell in finding creative solutions.


Road jams
Road jams

What is the purpose of this site ?

Just tickling funny bones and make you think or dream again.

Do not pitty me.

The accidents gave new unforseen directions to my life.

Just let me know if you enjoy my pages, share with others, drop me a note or join my mailing list.

All the best,



Come and join meWrite your poems!

Thank you for reading my poetry, comments and shares!

Would you like to build your own website? With your own affiliate links?
Are you not afraid of learning before earning?

Then, join me and invest in your own future!

I am in!


Just scribbling about life. Poetry and the wonder of word and language. An allegory says more than long explanations. It sinks and sinks and sinks. And one day... it comes back to the surface!

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12 Thoughts to “My story”

  1. Sergej

    Hey Fleeky,

    at the beginning I was kind of confused, because I didn’t see any text at your story page. But then I saw the link in “Hi” and downloaded the video. First I was a bit sceptical to open the file, thought it is kind of a virus that will make my laptop explode haha. But I opened the video file and I wish you a friendly “Hi” back my friend 🙂

    Have a nice day!

    1. Mlaure

      Hi Sergej! 

      Glad you opened the file and liked!


  2. WMP

    You have quite an interesting story here, I’m sorry to hear about the car accident you had. However, I think it’s great that it has inspired you to be creative and to create this website. You like poetry and art? So how long ago did you get into this car accident?

    1. Mlaure

      Thank you for liking…. I was 28 with my first accident… poetry haunted my nights… very strange… It has given me great comfort indeed…

  3. david r pease

    Where It started- I was- Where It took me – I became…And this has made all the difference

    1. What was
      Has become

      What comes
      Will unfold

  4. Sondra

    Mlaure – a Fleeky One,

    Tonight I felt compelled to learn a bit more about the cute little mystery penguin that brings so much joy to so many of us.

    No only are you sweet. You are on fleek.

    Sometimes, the topics the best writers share gives a clue to what is going on in their world.

    I am not as poetic as you are.

    Please know:

    If you are happy, I am happy with you.

    If you are sad, I am sad with you.

    If you are hurting, I am prayer your hurts go away.

    If you are just being you….know you are appreciated and loved by many.

    1. Thank you
      Dear and divine one

  5. nice and simple and there is no pity needed you are obviously picking yourself up and moving onward n upward!

    1. No self pity
      It Only weakens

      Thank you for your time Dennis

  6. You are awesome my little penguin
    It seems both you and I are rebuilding and I love this site and all it represents
    On fleek 🙂

    1. Dear Vicki,
      So good to read you.
      Yes. So it seems.

      The hardest part are my eyes…
      so, the shorter the better.
      Just colors and forms.

      And you?
      Just music I guess?

      Thank you
      For passing by

      Have a great year!


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