One day Lara…

One day Lara...


One day Lara…

A Greek and Russian
Maiden name

The Winner
The citadel

For others
A feminine form of
The roman name Laurentius

The leader
The highly esteemed

Also known as Laurel


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Just scribbling about life. Poetry and the wonder of word and language. An allegory says more than long explanations. It sinks and sinks and sinks. And one day... it comes back to the surface!

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8 Thoughts to “One day Lara…”

  1. Jon

    This is an interesting website and gives me some info on a name named Larissa. I did not know that names had such a meaningful history and it shows me to look more into things. Do you like this name and what is the name that you most like for a girl? Is there a name that Larissa was derived from?

    1. Mlaure

      Hi John,

      Larissa is a very old name indeed and goes back centuries before our era. From either Greece or Italy… In both cases the name refers to victory. Not in war terms, but in terms of excellence….

      Have a wonderful day 

  2. Corey

    I like it! My girlfriend and I are in that stage where we’re talking about marriage and children. I know as a guy, I should want a son, but I’m really hoping for a daughter once that day comes. I’ll take either but a daughter would just be amazing to me. I will keep this name in mind when/if that day comes 🙂

    1. Mlaure

      Hi Corey,

      Yes, it is a rather unusual name. And beautiful also. I like it too! 

      Wishing you and your girlfriend all the best for the future. Thank you for your kind comment


  3. Sherry

    Larissa – what a beautiful name! And unique. I don’t think I’ve heard of it before. I know a marissa and a carissa! Haha I enjoyed the meanings of it. I’ve always liked looking at the meaning of names. What is the origin of the name Larissa? How did you hear of it? Look forward to your response! 🙂

    1. Mlaure

      Hi Sherry

      Beautiful indeed! And it happens to be my name too…

      For some Larissa has Greek origins, meaning ’from Larisa’, the old capital city of Thessaly, a region on the east of Greece. 

      For others Larissa is derived from Laurentius, meaning ’from Laurentum’, an old city in Italy, it refers to the laurel and stands for the laureate, the winner.

      And yes, it is indeed a very old name in both East and West.

      Laurentius was a great Saint in the early Church. He devoted his life to the material care of his community and preserved the ancient patrimony of the churches. 

      Have a great day


  4. Daniel

    Hello, I think that this is something very inspiring and I am glad that I stumbled upon this poet. I can say that you truly have a talent and it is very nice to read this. Did you make it by yourself? I will bookmark this page and can’t wait to see more of it.

    1. Mlaure

      Hi Daniel… 

      Yes, all my scribbling… Glad you liked it. Thank you for telling me! 

      Take care


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