The focus of the mind

Create awareness

The focus of the mind


Same letters
Same meaning

Our mind can be a chatter box
A flood of useless chatter

How to silence that?

For those who do not meditate

Divert your attention
And concentrate
On a puzzle or crossword

Do something different
Go for a walk
Or do some activity

For those who meditate

Add a simple prayer
or mantra
on the rhythm of your breathing.

Or listen to a recorded recitation of prayers
Or peaceful music
Or noice

It helps to focus your mind and destress…
just the repetition of a prayer, a mantra
Or the recitation of divine names

Others listen to a lesson or expose
that feeds their intelligence

To you


Create awareness
Create awareness


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Just scribbling about life. Poetry and the wonder of word and language. An allegory says more than long explanations. It sinks and sinks and sinks. And one day... it comes back to the surface!

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