Understanding and explaining

Male and Female Logic

Understanding and explaining

needs no words

Needs words

And explaining
Are not the same

And understanding
Are different too

Great understanders
Are the best explainers too
Not by flood of words

Male and Female Logic
Male and Female Logic

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Just scribbling about life. Poetry and the wonder of word and language. An allegory says more than long explanations. It sinks and sinks and sinks. And one day... it comes back to the surface!

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2 Thoughts to “Understanding and explaining”

  1. Yemi

    Just found this site and I love it! I love reading individual expressions in poetry, song, or the likes. I would love to venture into something similar in the future 🙂
    You wrote, “Great understanders are the best explainers too. Not by the flood of words.” I like that. We definitely can’t explain anything that we don’t understand ourselves. And I should jokingly point out to my ‘wordy’ cousin that her ‘flood of words’ when explaining things tells me she hasn’t really understood the topic herself lol.

    1. Mlaure


      Lol! So true… words, words, … words… multitude of words covers a lot of ignorance indeed… silence is the greatest teacher for all of us… where all can sink and find indeed new expressions…

      Good luck to you!

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